Message: Anticipation! (1 Thessalonians 1)

The Thessalonian Christians are suffering due to persecution. Suffering = pressure. It is more than mild discomfort but great difficulty. The idea of suffering as pressure is like pressing of grapes until they burst in the wine making process. What comes out of you when you are being pressed? I am PATIENTLY and TRUSTINGLY awaiting […]

Message: I Am Free

TRAPPED. A miserable feeling. Being trapped in a conversation is one thing. What about when I am trapped in a habit or situation? Feeling overpowered. Hopeless. Defeated. Rejection. Fear of being found out. Failure. Pain. We have all felt trapped at times. How do I get free? Not just for a few hours or days […]

Message: A New Day Begins (Acts 3:1-11)

It is exciting when A NEW DAY BEGINS. We have that nervous anticipation of what lies ahead with the next chapter in our story. And sometimes that new day begins when we are least expecting anything to change.

Message: God in a Box (John 5:16-47)

When Jesus shows up it changes things. For some, that is a cause for CELEBRATION because Jesus has changed their life and situation. For others, they DO NOT LIKE what Jesus is doing. It makes them feel UNCOMFORTABLE or CONVICTED so they PUSH BACK! God In a Box: The spiritual leaders thought they had God […]