Message: Do Good

What comes out of you when you are being pressed? How do you respond to people being against what you believe and how you behave? What comes out of you when you are hurt, rejected, angry, hungry, disappointed, or tired? What do people SEE and HEAR when they are OBSERVING you? In this letter, Paul […]

Message: The Return

I grew up living in FEAR of missing out on an eternity with God. My lack of understanding of God’s grace led me to believe I was always at risk of rejection by God. I treated with dread the moment that I should look forward to with excitement: the return of Jesus! WHEN Jesus returns, […]

Message: Love One Another

It is EASY to love when you: Like each other; share common interests; get along well (complementary personalities); agree on similar things. [It is why “new” relationships and friendships was so much fun] People are drawn to love. They want to be in a loving environment. We like to HEAR and FEEL “I love you!” […]