Message: The Holy Spirit is really for me

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The Holy Spirit is doing a work IN us and He also wants to work THROUGH us.

The Holy Spirit is more than an emotional experience at an altar but God’s EMPOWERING PRESENCE with us.

  • The Bible reveals the vital role of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of a Christian.
  • The Holy Spirit is always at work to accomplish God’s will.

The Holy Spirit works IN us…

  • We realize we are loved, accepted, and forgiven by Jesus [1 John 4:13]
  • He helps us become more like Jesus (sanctification and character) [Galatians 5:22-23]
  • He enables us to effectively minister to people (spiritual gifts) [1 Corinthians 12]
  • He helps us pray [Romans 8:26-27] and He guides our steps [Galatians 5:25]

The Holy Spirit works THROUGH us…

  • He uses us in ministry to others [1 Corinthians 12]
  • He gives us the right thing to say to people: The Holy Spirit empowers me to prophetically speak into lives so they meet Jesus [Acts 1:8]