Message: Unmet Expectations

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TENSION: Unmet Expectations

  • What is an expectation? A looking forward to; anticipation. A looking for as due, proper, or necessary. The way you think things are going to be.
  • What we expect does not always happen the way we hoped: What we expect from a relationship… from a job… from a restaurant… from a vacation… from a church or pastor…
  • Even what we EXPECT from God does not happen the way we thought it should!
  • Sometimes our expectations based on reality other times fantasy (imagination or assumption)

The Crowd Goes Looking for Jesus… and did not get what they expected…

Why are they searching for Jesus?

  1. He inspired them with his teaching?
  2. He helped them with their physical needs?
  3. He looked like their New Moses?
    [The one to rescue them from Roman rule and restore Israel to independence and prominence.]
  4. He fed them a good meal and they wanted more free food?
    [A big thing when you are being overtaxed and have little resources available.]

After finding him, Jesus gets right to their motive!

  • Motives matter: Some motives are right, and others need to be redirected.
  • Their desire for an uprising seems to be quickly fading but they LONG for ANOTHER MEAL!
  • Jesus is now shifting his whole ministry paradigm… crowds start falling away

Jesus loves you! You matter to God. He wants you to have real life.