Message: Your Role Matters (Part Three)

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We tend to OVERLOOK Joseph’s role in the birth narratives…

  • Mary is the “O favored one, the Lord is with you!” (Luke 1:28).
  • Joseph comes across as the quiet one in the background who is no longer mentioned after Jesus is 12… apparently deceased by time Jesus’ starts ministry and definitely by the end
  • Joseph is the man: He is spiritual (a just man who valued church). He values people (protects Mary’s honor even in possible scandal). He protects and provides for his family (moving to another nation and returning to a different region to protect Jesus). He is hospitable and social (entertaining smelly shepherds and later wealthy foreigners). And he is OBEDIENT to God!
  • Three times an angelic messenger from the Lord visits Joseph in a dream (1:20; 2:13,19). Each time he obeys what God tells him to do!

Set an Obedience Example

  • To OBEY is to do what you are told or expected to do according to someone in authority or a rule or lawI follow commands or guidance. It is to behave according to a rule, law, or instruction—I conform or comply.
  • Success and failure in obedience requires me to determine who I am going to allow to be in CONTROL of what I do! My obedience or lack thereof is often really a control issue.

Obey classy

  • Joseph had the right to publicly humiliate Mary but he set aside his rights to treat her right while he continued to do what is right. He acts wisely not rashly or emotionally.
  • Value people in how you obey and how you apply obedience to a situation

Obey timely

  • Joseph didn’t delay his marriage or his moves. He was quick to obey!
  • Obey now (and in the right time)
  • Delayed obedience is typically disobedience that we correct last minute to avoid consequences

Obey fully

  • Joseph did what God asked him to do and he was all in! He built a life with his new bride. They had more kids. He provided for them. He protected them.
  • Do what God asks you to do and do it with all that is in you. Give your best!

Obey faithfully

  • Scripture doesn’t say it but Joseph’s actions showed it—he believed God! He did what was right but also believed in the God that was guiding him.
  • Be faith-filled in your obedience. There is purpose in what you do.
  • Obey God. Trust God. Believe God.