Future focused: David didn’t hold onto the past but planned and resourced for the future. Look ahead! If I keep looking back, then I will fail to invest well into the next generation.

David acknowledges that it is God that chose him to be king. It was not his own achievement but God’s choice that put him into leadership.

David was NOT allowed to build the temple. A “no” to me could be God’s “yes” to someone else. God has a task for each of us (Eph 2:10). Work together. Support one another.

Solomon was divinely selected for a specific task—to build the temple. It was not Solomon’s abilities or achievements that qualified him for the task but God’s choice. (Solomon was not the oldest sibling and his birth was out of a scandalous relationship.)

Despite my weaknesses and inabilities, God is able to work in and through me to accomplish His plans. I am strongest at my weakest because I am most dependent on God (2 Cor 12:10).

David concludes with an important instruction: Obey God!