Message: “Mountains Will Move: Reclaim the Day” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Mountains Will Move.” Praying God’s way reclaims the day
• Three Messes: (1) Enemy, (2) Self, (3) Fallen World/Life
• Enemy always at work making messes: John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. …
• We make messes too: Our own selfish desires, bad attitudes, self-destructive tendencies, and so on…
• Whole “days” are ruined, destinies lost, mountains formed! Yet, praying God’s way reclaims the day!

Message: “Mountains Will Move” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Mountains Will Move.” I do not need big faith. I need faith in a BIG GOD!
• Small faith accomplishes much; we follow a BIG GOD!
• Small faith + big God = impossible possible
• Genuine faith + God’s will = anything possible

Message: “Light Shine” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Overflowing Joy.” This is how we live: Because of who Jesus is (Lord), what Jesus has done (Savior), and who you are in Christ (loved/redeemed/adopted), let your LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT!

“W.A.A.”: Be the light with (1) Words, (2) Actions, (3) Attitude!
• Heavy traffic; med office delay… light shine
• Poor customer service; Covid restrictions… light shine
• Rude neighbor; pagan family… light shine
• Argue spouse; hurt by friend… light shine

Message: “Self Less” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Overflowing Joy.” Our natural tendency is self more, others less. Goal: Think of self, less while thinking of others, more.

Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

To be selfless is to be concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own needs. It does not mean “I do not think of self” or “think I am less than others” but I think of myself less: others focused

Jesus is our example of “self less”

Message: “Together” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Overflowing Joy.” Everything is better together!
• Accomplish more; spread the load
• Variety of experiences, abilities, and viewpoints
• More laughs, encouragement, support, resources

Under Pressure
• Paul writing while chained to guard in prison
• Church facing internal tension and external pressure
• We do not know exact source of the pressure (Paul did not say) but original audience was aware.
• Cultural pressure to worship the emperor as lord and savior so frowned upon and increasingly illegal to worship a different Lord and Savior.
• Internal selfish tendencies forming

Relational Tensions
• Jealousy; Comparison; Mixed motives; Petty preference
• Unforgiveness; Bitterness; Rivalries; Cheating; Betrayal

• Boredom: need stimulation or entertainment
• Desires: what I want or need
• Purpose: do something worthwhile
• Preferences: I like things a certain way
• Wanderlust: Grass looks greener over there
• Culture: conform to our ways or be excluded [FOMO]
• Persecution: Do not believe or say anything we disagree with or we will make you suffer [cancel culture]

Stay TOGETHER under pressure! Why? Natural desire to SPLIT.

Message: “Anywhere But Here” from Marc Black

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A message from the series “Overflowing Joy.” What do you live for? What are you willing to die for?

What motivates you? Why does that matter? Because what motivates you, moves you!
• Am I motivated beyond the moment?
• What is the impact or legacy of what motivates me? How does it impact eternity?

As Paul continues his letter to his friends in Philippi (see Philippians 1:12-30), his motive is obvious: making lifetime followers of Jesus!

What trial are you experiencing? What setback, unexpected news, pressure, persecution, rejection, failure are you experiencing? How do I respond to the trial?

Paul’s response to adversity: He remains focused on making Jesus known and celebrates what God is doing! Why? Paul’s imprisonment places him near people he would normally never meet. The gospel is being shared with soldiers and into the heart of Roman political life.

Anywhere but here!
• In trial we want to say or go, “anywhere but here!”
• We will tolerate a trial when we know there is purpose!
• Trial only SILENCE you if you allow it too
• Trial can be a TOOL for TRIUMPH
• Trial is an opportunity to personally grow!
• Trial is an opportunity to reach and inspire others!