Marc Black - July 5, 2020

Prayer Works!

Prayer works! Your biggest enemy (or obstacle) could be one prayer away from becoming God’s biggest asset. Acts 9 records the salvation, transformation, and calling of Saul—better known as Paul. Woven throughout the passage is the theme of prayer. Implied is the possibility that people have been praying for and about Saul. He is a known threat to their new movement and their very lives. In the middle of the chapter we meet Ananias that was clearly a praying man. And Saul becomes a praying man following his salvation experience. The power and necessity of prayer is evident throughout the story. Prayer works!

From Series: "Dangerous Prayers"

If a recording of my prayers were replayed for me, what would they reveal about me and my faith in God? • Am I bored with my prayers? Is God bored? • Do my prayers reveal a self-centered Christianity? Often we pray very SAFE, easy, benign, expected prayers: Be with me, protect me, and/or bless me. Dangerous prayers are challenging to say. They have potential to redirect our lives. Why? Following Jesus is never safe! Dangerous prayers: Search me, Break Me, and Make Me Bold We are called to a life of faith not a life of comfort! (This series is inspired by the book and messages "Dangerous Prayers" by pastor Craig Groeschel.)

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